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Bella Marie France

Today, we continue to cater to the modern woman by offering the latest treatments to bring out each individual's beauty potential – one that is defined and fully embraces the beauty, body and beyond approach.


Get the Hydrogen Advantage with the HydroSkin Turnaround facial.

  • 863X more effective than Q10
  • 431X more effective than Vitamin E
  • 176X more effective than Vitamin C

  • An intense exfoliating and nourishing skin treatment that is unique and suitable even for sensitive skin! The desire of healthy, elastic, wrinkle-free and young-looking skin is now achievable with the Hydrogen advantage.

HydroSkin Turnaround benefits:
  • YOUTHFUL SKIN - Skin moisture level is increased and collagen production is stimulated, to delay premature signs of ageing.
  • HEALTHIER & STRONGER SKIN - Strengthens the skin barrier, making it more resilient while actively seeking out harmful free radicals and destroying them.
  • MINIMISED PORES - Exfoliates skin buildup, down to the pores to reveal smoother, tighter new skin.
  • ACNE PREVENTION - Reduces overactive sebaceous glands as pH balance is restored on complexion, and inflammation reduced.

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* Results will vary from person to person

Backed by science solutions

Science and technology are the heart and soul of Bella Marie France. Our partner laboratories worldwide conduct extensive research and development into formulas and compounds, as well as test any new treatment for sustainable results, before we recommend them to our clients. In addition, we constantly update our equipment to reflect the rapidly changing nature of beauty technology to ensure you always get the best, including utilizing advanced 3D diagnostic technology and customized genes-based solutions.

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Your Trusted Companion

Our professional team includes skincare specialists, weight management experts, certified nutritionists, and experienced therapists.

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